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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Everything for Free, part 1

(the title is from K’s Choice – Everything for Free)

I have a friend who keeps calling me a hacker, I am not a hacker – not even close. I just use the tools I know far beyond what most other people are using them for. That is how I get some stuff for free while other people choose to pay for them.

I have far too many IOS apps in my account that I haven’t paid for (and they are legally mine), I also have around 30$ in my account that I got for free.

So how do you get free IOS Apps?


1. AppShopper

This how I got “Bike Baron” for free today :)

1. Register at AppShopper and mark all the apps you want with the “Want It” check.

2. In your email account add a rule that any email from that doesn’t contain the word “Free” skips the inbox and is moved to a “junk” folder.

Now every free app from your list will magically appear in your inbox when it is freed – so just “buy” it.


2. AppShopper

This is a way to get popular games you might not be aware of (which are free).

For this you will need a RSS feed reader such as Feedly. Subscribe to the following RSS feeds:

iPhone apps:

iPad apps:

The feeds contain the Popular free Apps for either iPad or iPhone.

There will be overlap between the feeds but sometimes there are Apps that are iPad specific that the iPhone feed misses.


3. FreeMyApps

Using this way I had 45$ gifted to my account.

From your device open the following link (disclaimer: using this link will give me 200 credits).

1. Download Apps from the Sponsors tap, try them for 30 seconds and get credit

2. When you have enough credits you can exchange them for gifts – 4500 credits for 15$ iTunes Gift Card

Share your link with your friends and get more credits. If you want even more credits you can use the Dropbox Google Ads trick (basically get free Google credit and put an ad for free IOS Apps using your link, and for extra credit set the Google Ad to target only IOS devices).

Tip: if you have two devices then you can get the 200 credits for a friend and collect credits using both devices (they are listed as separate accounts – you can’t add them together to exchange the credits for one gift).



Call me crazy

In K’s Choice the price for getting things for free is people thinking you are crazy – the point is there is always a price…

When you get things for free there is nothing stopping you from getting too much things, especially when it is something like Apps that don’t take much space. There also downfalls to having too much stuff – in the case of IOS Apps I found it the hard way when I bought a new device – the fastest way I have ever seen 64GB of space being filled… I have since came up with a system to keep only the best of apps – everyday I try to organize 5 apps by either deleting them or keeping them in an Excel of best apps (so that when I upgrade my device I won’t have to work hard).


The next post is going to be on getting Free Kindle eBooks (right now I have ~60,000 of them in my account).