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Thursday, November 8, 2012

VS2010: “The project type is not supported by this installation.”

Before I found the extension for Windows Live Writer – Paste as Visual Studio code I had (for 3 days) used Code4Blog Extension but I was dismayed by it’s bugs (I opened some of them). I had this draft lying around and decided to just post it because it seems many people suffer from this exception.

In the extension’s page the author wrote:

“Code4Blog is now published on CodePlex. You are welcome to work with the source code directly!”

So I have decided to do just that.

Opening the solution I got the following error in the output window:

C:\…\Code4Blog\Code4Blog\Code4Blog.csproj :

error  : The project file 'C:\…\Code4Blog\Code4Blog\Code4Blog.csproj' cannot be opened.

The project type is not supported by this installation.


So I kinda guessed it has to do with a project for extending VS. But why doesn’t VS2010 give me what project type is missing?

Looking inside the project file (good thing that the project was down Winking smile):


I found the project type here:


 <ProjectTypeGuids> {82b43b9b-a64c-4715-b499-d71e9ca2bd60};

Searching for the first Guid on the list, I found this forum. From there I got to the Extending Visual Studio page and from there to the Visual Studio 2010 SDK. After installing that (you should close VS even though it doesn’t ask you to, because otherwise you won’t be able to open the project) the project worked.

I later found this site with a list of Guid and what they mean some of it is still relevant for VS2010. The only Guid not there was the first I searched for (damn you Murphy) {82b43b9b-a64c-4715-b499-d71e9ca2bd60} (the others mean WPF project and C# project respectively).

Well it might have worked but building failed because one of the resources didn’t work (icon) and changing it to another caused my VS to hang on the build – maybe I should have uninstalled the extension first? Killed the devenv, uninstalled the extension and the build passed.

In the end I decided the hassle was just to great and just used “Paste as Visual Studio code”. If you want to read about all the options I went through you can read them here.



Code4Blog Extension page

Code4Blog CodePlex page

Extending Visual Studio page

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