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Monday, October 10, 2011

Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) 2011

I know its been a while…

The past month or so I have been mostly working on bug fixes since we were deploying a new version. But enough about that, ESRI gave us this little award for Special Achievement in GIS 2011.



We haven’t gone to the award ceremony but we did a little photo session of our own:


From left to right: Michael Halperin (the GIS team leader), Gur Hanan (GIS specialist), Vered Kestenbaum (GIS specialist, in charge of all installations with ArcGis Desktop), Me (mostly server side GIS programming), Felix Shkolnik (our UI GURU, since he arrived the UI has changed colors and shapes more times than I though possible – now it looks great), Eyal Perez (our manager, also the name on the award).


Remember I wrote UI GURU? Well it took less than an hour for Felix to create the real photo:


I am told this photo has made its rounds in Systematics (the local vendor for ESRI in Israel).


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