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Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Computer

Well not really a new computer but a new Hard Disk with a new operating System, I just moved from Windows 7 32Bit to Windows 7 64Bit. My laptop has 4GB of memory so the transition was just a matter of time (the 32Bit could only use ~3GB of memory). I preferred now because my computer was giving me a hard time with weird exceptions that just wouldn’t go away…


So what did I install?

  1. IIS – if you install it before installing VS some options will be missing
  2. VS2008 – still have some legacy code and the guys in charge don’t want to upgrade to 2010, go figure…
  3. Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Client
  4. VS2008 SP1
  5. VS2010 – if you have an installation of SQL Server 2008 then don’t install the SQL Server Express 2008 (it makes it very difficult to install the Management or a real server down the line)
  6. VS2010 SP1
  7. Silverlight Tools for VS 4 2010
  8. Silverlight 4 For Developers
  9. Microsoft Expression Blend Software Development Kit (SDK) for Silverlight 4
  10. Silverlight Toolkit
  11. fiddler2 – a must have to Silverlight developers
  12. SQL Server 2008 – now here I had some troubles, it seems there is a bug in the installation that causes errors if the installation windows is not on top (I took it a step further and closed all other windows)
  13. ArcEngine 10 for developers
  14. ArcObjects SDK for the Microsoft .NET framework
  15. ArcGIS License Manager
  16. ArcGIS API for Silverlight/WPF version 2.1
  17. MyGeneration – I use it for my Code Generation
  18. Visual Studio 2010 Feature Pack 2
  19. DB Comparer – a free tool to compare two databases
  20. ArcSDE for Microsoft SQL Server
  21. ArcGIS Server for the Microsoft .NET Framework – GIS Services
  22. ArcGIS Server for the Microsoft .NET Framework – Web Applications
  23. Windows Live Writer – really need to write those blog posts
  24. Notepad++
  25. DropBox
  26. NUnit

VS Extensions:

  1. Resharper – 6 EAP version
  2. Spell Checker
  3. All Margins
  4. PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2010


This time I think I will backup my system, it just too long of a list to do this again…