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Monday, February 14, 2011

Following Blogs

Ever since 4.5 years ago when my team leader made me follow 3 blogs I have been an avid fan of reading blogs. I try to keep a system of 2/3 fun stuff and 1/3 development stuff just so I won’t loss interest. My blog list has changed over the years, I usually know when to quit following a blog – usually it’s 3 days after it becomes a chore reading that blog. Blogs that have a good chance of becoming a chore are either blogs with too many posts or blogs where you only get a summery of the post and you have to actually surf (shudder) to the post (and of course the content is important).

I use Google Reader for following blogs more because it actually became a social thing for me than that it is an easy system that can be used from everywhere (with an internet connection and a browser). Most of my friends use it and we share posts back and forth (for example a few days ago Rita shared this lovely post about abstract override, I am still in denial that it is possible in c#). I mostly share funny stuff like this (or Can you tell a coder from a cannibal?) but also development stuff like this.

So without further ado here is my blog list (as they are ordered in my account of Google Reader):


Popular-Blogs: (fun stuff)

  • Google popular – long ago Google Reader had a popular tab I just added it’s feed for my Reader, just to make sure I read it all…
  • Mind Hacks – it is just amazing what the human mind is capable of…

ArcGis: (technical map related – not just ESRI)

Programming: (just guess)



.NET: (there are more…)

SQL: (much more…)


Programming-Joel: (yes, he gets a place of his own)

Friends: (teammates and team leaders)

programming---processed: (this was from the days I thought about going over all the posts from the start – thankfully it passed and all that remains today is the name of the category)


Programming-found-while-surfing: (for blogs I found while searching for stuff)

Programming-good-webcasts: (for podcasts and webcasts)

Funny: (just for fun, almost done – are you excited?)

Followers – this is where I put all those people that follow me and I follow them

Quotes: (for the days I want to change my current quote in GTalk (right now it’s: "Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live." - Martin Golding)

Japan: (for the crazy stuff, I am sorry but judge for yourselves if it’s crazy or not)

There is also my shared items if you want to follow it (warning some of them are in Hebrew):


I have more but most of them haven’t been updated in years, while others I consider deleting…

How did I find so many? I usually search for things on the web and if I like the blog I just copy it to my Reader in the category of “programming-found-while-surfing”…

When do I read them? Well I used to read them on the way to work on the train by caching them on my IPod, now I just read them between build, while running my unit tests or when I want to strangle the guy that programmed that $#!& of a framework  relax a bit…

I am told I am pretty crazy with the amount of blogs I follow (if you also think so then leave a comment)…