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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Writing Posts


I have to admit I have a unique way of writing posts.

When I just started I had something like 15 word documents of draft posts stored on my computer and the number kept going up everyday. I wanted to start my blog but I wanted to write the posts in some kind of an order – first writing about the basics and then going to the advanced stuff (and most of my drafts were advanced).

On the other hand it seemed like a waste to keep those posts on my computer where only I could benefit from them. So I have decided to post my word documents to a “Notes” blog – something temporary that I can make better over time (and with other bloggers help).

The first hurdle was posting from Word (2007) I tried several options:

  • Emailing the Word document to the blog address. Blogger has a system where you can send email to YourName.SecretWords@EmailAccount and it posts the content automatically as a post or as a draft. The problem was Word 2007 made that option of sending the content of the Word as email very difficult but I got over that (see this). But the images just didn’t work (the email didn’t embed the images).
  • The second try was to use Word’s Publish to Blog:


Again there were troubles with the images and all the forum post I could see advised to use another program.

  • The third try was using Windows live writer 2011. I took my word document and copied all the text and photos and when in live writing doing:


And then selecting:


The trouble I only just caught was that the images are with the worst quality – JPG, for example:

Go to the Rest API admin page, at:


windows live writer paste special word formatting quality

What you need to do to fix this is copy paste the photos separately (thank GOD I saved the original Word documents around) and then the quality changes to PNG.

The other thing is that the text uses a different font but I don’t have a solution for that yet…


Now days I just write my post directly to the “Notes” blog with Windows live writer 2011 and edit it there too, it’s just easier that way... I have around 30 posts there now…

It is fairly easy to move the posts to another blog the only thing you have to retype are the post’s categories all other things are the same as the “Notes” blog post.


My Notes Blog

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