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Thursday, January 6, 2011



My name is Roy Dallal and I have been a .NET programmer for the past 6.5 years.

I have started out as a SharePoint 2003 programmer, I had a windows 2003 server as my station and even managed to write a few Web Parts.

Than I moved on to GIS programming with the ESRI technology, for the first year as a server programmer (ADF 9.2) and for the next three years as a Win Forms lead developer above the ArcMap. I led a team of 4 programmer for the last 6 months on that project.

Today I am working as a lead developer on a project that uses the Silverlight ESRI Framework.


Why start a blog?

On my last job we were working in very severe security constraints – our development machines weren’t connected to the internet, we had only a few internet computers and often we had a line of people waiting to use that computer. On the other hand we had an inner organization internet with our community where we shared information.

Well when my contract ended I decided not to continue with that company and now I am constantly connected to the web. Almost every work day I encounter new things or things that “once upon a time” I would have shared in that community. So I have decided to share them here.

I will probably share my insights on unit tests and developing applications under the ESRI framework. And even though I am only a beginner in the Silverlight technology I will share the things that I learn and the cool things my team and I achieve.

I hope you'll enjoy my blog,