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Monday, January 31, 2011

Fixing Error: Error reading TrayIcon1->Visible: Cannot create shell notification icon.

The first thing I saw after turning on my computer to day was:


Text version:

Error reading TrayIcon1->Visible: Cannot create shell notification icon.


I had some time to search for the error (couldn’t open VS since I was installing the new Resharper EAP Build). So I searched for what it means.

Kvm-221verb (or actually “KVM-221 Ver B Utility”)– is a program I have installed which helps with an AB switch I have (it allows me to listen to my music from one computer while still working with another and when I want to switch the sound to the other computer).

But the error doesn’t come from that program – it comes from Windows7 system. The system is trying to tell us (in it’s illiterate way) that our utility tried to load prematurely – before there was a system tray.

So what do we do?

Well there are many options, I choose a nice little program called Startup Delayer that is easy to work. You simply find the problematic program in their list:


Double Click on the line:


And click Save.

Closing the window you will get this warning:


Click Yes


Click Invisible.


That’s it next time you start your computer the program will be delayed for 1 minute – more than enough time!

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